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Do you miss us? Do you miss this?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

This morning, one of our beloved friend (also a Kafeville ex- barista and currently customer) rushed to the shop and asked for a takeaway piccolo late. I was so surprised since I knew that he'd be away from Hanoi for a business trip and by the time, he must be rush to the airport due to Hanoi traffic issues. He laughed and gave me a "It's OK" gesture then pointed a cab waiting outside.

- I need some coffee... - He explained. - ... How can I leave without seeing you guys.

So, he had a flight to catch... but he just couldn't help stopping by the shop for a little banter with us.... it has become one of his everyday routine.

How about you? What's your routine? Is coffee the thing you can't live without?

Come to enjoy the chill morning with us now :)

I mean nowwwwww!😉

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