Since March 2016, we've brought new methods of making coffee to Hanoi, a capital city that is well known with not really open for new things.

But in a tiny shop on the edge of the old quarter, we had changed the way Hanoians have their coffee everyday.

The cozy place, friendly and helpful staff, the smell of roasting coffee beans, the whole unique atmosphere of a group of friends and family members chit – chating...this is your safe haven, your hide away cave, your home away from home!

As one of the very first shops in Hanoi to bring the so called specialty coffee to this city, Kafeville has become more than a name or a place. 

It's the kind of phrase you would use to summarize what you are craving for when talking to a friend. No need to say "I'm having some good coffee today" or ''I'd like to finish this book somewhere quiet and it would be nice if there's a hot marocchino waiting for me there". Just say Kafeville as a verb : Do you Kafeville today? or a noun:  I'm having some Kafeville now. And of course, an adjective : it is just so Kafeville.

It is where you would find yourself eagerly heading to everyday after work. The route is set, no argue, no wondering why. It has been and will always be your regular destination 


+84 090 622 10 30

23 Phố Yên Ninh, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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