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The Sipping Bar

Enjoy the best Kafeville quality at a brand new place 


It was 2016, when Kafeville announced ourselves to the Hanoi coffee community. We have been named on the world and Asia rankings of best coffee shops, many new faces has been greeting our beloved customers from behind the counter, and we have changed our address quite a few times too. But no  matter how many changes had been made, the values that Kafevillerepresents are still the same: passion – quality – creativity – professionalism – friendliness. 

In 2020, it's about time we look for new adventures, starting with a brand new coffee shop created by our people called The Sipping bar – 30 Phan Ke Binh – Ba Dinh district – Hanoi

This new place is more convenient for the coffee lovers who crave for a  good morning dose without having to go all the way to the old quarter, and it's also a same old brand new ''fika'' experience for Kafeville followers. 

For those coffee lovers who love nature and open spaces, you may find The Sipping bar - Waterfront a perfect place. Located in Thong Nhat Park (in between Dong Da and Hai Ba Trung district) - one of the most green areas in Hanoi, the new Sipping Bar soon become the favorite cafe for young people.

Since 2016, we've set our vision as a pioneer of 3rd wave coffee maker , to spread the knowledge of the wide coffee world to our Hanoian customers, and also to create a cozy vibe for lovely people who spend all day long at coffee shops or the ones who have no time at all but can't live without a sip of coffee to start the day. Until now, that vision hasn't changed and it has become one of many good attributes that the name Kafeville possesses, no matter what brand we tagged ourselves with. 

We believe that the Sipping bar  - a creation of Team Kafeville- will be a pleasant experience for all of you.

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